Mojotone TruGlu Tolex and Tweed Glue 1 Quart


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Mojotone Tolex Glue is a one-part, waterbased contact cement. You can achieve beautiful results simply by applying a thin coat (either brushed or sprayed) to both your wood cabinet and the back of the Tolex. Allow the glue to dry to a transparent look (about 30 minutes), then apply the Tolex to the cabinet. You'll have a secure bond in seconds!

Mojotone Tolex Glue is so forgiving that the Tolex can be removed or repositioned without having to re-apply additional glue. Cleanup is a breeze and your final results would make any amp connoisseur envious!

This glue is water based, it will freeze in cold climates. The Vintage Sound can no longer be responsible for shipments of glue during cold months to cold areas of the world. NO REFUNDS or RETURNS.

  • Model: 3310001

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